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There are 4 classes in Scarlet Fate: Warrior, Mage, Archer, and Knight

Warrior: High DEF, high HP, and good ATK, usually placed at the front line (spot 1) to take DMG for their teammates
Mage: Good at healing and AOE
Archer: Can deal high DMG to a single target
Knight: Good at healing and dodging, can offer additional buffs to boost the BP of the team

How to switch the friends’ positions:
Friends → Combat → Click the formation → Select the target to switch its position

Scarlet Fate


Each class has its own pets. Stats of pets can increase the attributes and the BP of the character they serve.
The stats and the skills of several different, activated pets can be stacked.

You can increase the BP of your pets by Enhancement, Uptier or Feed. Please note that the Enhancement level will decide the level cap of Uptier, and the Uptier level will decide the level cap of Feed.
Enhancement: Will consume Slime Candy, which can be gained from Purchase, Team Boss, and Candy Instance (Dungeon)
Uptier: Will increase the potential cap of a pet
Feed: Will consume Weak Cake, which can be gained from Team Boss, Fishing Competition, and Cake Instance (Dungeon)

*Lv.100 will be the max level in the Pet system.